Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 7: Elimination Diet

This week has gotten progressively more challenging as another day passes, another day of NO:
gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut...)
cane sugar
soy (tofu, miso, tempeh, braggs, tamari, soy sauce etc)
red meat/pork

Last night, as the day was ending and my tears were finally subsiding, I affirmed that it's better to put myself through these withdrawls right now while I am still somewhere familiar with Gina and friends to support me.  Would I be able to do this diet on my own, all the way far away in a new, and different place? 

I am eliminating all of the most common allergens, and after 21 days will start to add one allergen back in at a time, eating it with at least 2 of the three meals and testing myself for my body's reaction.  I have been coping with digestive issues for too long, and its time I get to the bottom of it all. To truly listen to what my body is telling me, to build and regain my body's trust. 

So I am a recovering sugar addict.  A comfort food addict.  An 'i want to eat whatever i want when i want' addict.  

Being raised on coca-cola instead of water, packaged foods and canned corn/greenbeans instead of fresh vegetables, ice cream for dessert every night, it has taken its toll.  

And now that I am finally taking my digestive issues seriously, knowing that even after this diet ends in a month or two, there will be foods I must avoid and forever eliminate, I realize:
I can never eat dinner at my parent's house again.

Below is a picture of my favorite breakfast last summer:

Porridge oats cooked with milk, maple syrup and chopped peaches, spelt/buckwheat/cornmeal buttermilk waffles (a recipe I adapted) w/ nutella and pb on top, one scrambled egg, and chopped banana.  Out of the frame is a tea pot of Lyons (a black tea from Ireland).  

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flower Essence Formulas

These are (nearly) all of the different Flower Essence Formulas I have gone thru since starting my intuitive healing work with Shayne Case in January of 07. Since this picture has been taken(in august when I was packing up my stuff) I have gone thru 1-2 more as well! 

It is comforting to me to have a physical object (these bottles) that in some way represents my inner work, which is so intangible and thus not easily seen or witnessed by others.  Though to see what I have accomplished this year, is to notice something significant has definitely shifted for me:
  1. In one year I have visited South America, Ireland, and in one month I will go to Hawaii where I will live for 6 months.  
  2. I am starting to perform and share the music that comes to me.  
  3. I am more grounded, I know how to create roots even when I'm on the move.  
For me, flower essences are both subtle and earth-shaking. Its like they are this constant reminder of what you are working on, whether it be building confidence, trusting abundance, releasing grief or held anger.  They both push and gently nudge, soothe and smart.  A very complex, and integral part of my healing process at this point...

These are bottles of Blackberry Flower Essence. Shayne held a workshop on how to prepare flower essences on Oak Island on the Summer Solstice of this year.  It was magical to say the least.

By the way: Happy Fall!  Autumn is here, complete with crisp air, and the smells of fire places burning, apples and plums rotting on the sidewalk.  I just checked the Sauvie Island
website, fyi: pumpkin harvest starts October 1!  

Monday, September 22, 2008

Last Night At Reed College

ready to go!
tropical fish face!

sarah settin up!

view from the stage while sarah was settin up

the ensemble (l to r): bob kendrick, jen agosta, jen k, anna oxygen

The ensemble played and improvised between speakers, and Sarah and I were also one of the musical interludes.

This was full circle for Sarah and I, as nearly a year ago, at last years TBA, I performed with her and her band, the Gay Deceivers.  There are many, many more collaborations and performances to be had together, forsooth!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


thank you to emily price for leading me to Tumblr, a blog site that you CAN post audio on!
now i have so many internet arenas to document and share the music from...
check it out:


Today I purchased some valve oil for my trumpet. 
The valves were sticking, and I will be using it (my trumpet) tomorrow night during one of Sarah's songs.  

Do you notice on the label of this valve oil that it says 'odorless'? 
I was so bummed to discover this.  I even unscrewed the cap just to be sure.
You see, the valve oil I remember from when I was a kid and first learning to play the trumpet, had this distinct smell that I find relaxing, nostalgic.  


On The Myspace...

Be my one-woman choir's friend on the myspace! 

Tomorrow night I will back Sarah G up on her amazing songs!
Info below:
Psychedelic Sprawl: Launching and Unfurling Suddenly
Sunday, September 21, 2008
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Reed College Student Union
3203 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR
Join us in the Reed Student Union for a book launch and exhibition celebration, presenting the book and art exhibition(s), suddenly. Live music, lively discourse, line reading, lime in your beer, Cryovac® food, and a high likelihood of spatial disorientation.

The Cooley Gallery will be open late, from 5 – 7 pm, before the evening unwinds.
The evening includes:
Welcome and opening remarks by exhibition curator Stephanie Snyder and Matthew Stadler, editor of the book.
Sam Lohmann, poet and contributor to the book, reading To Landscape.
Mostlanidan Citizens Katy Asher and Junior Ambassador, contributors to the exhibition, present the future of Mostlandian cartography.
Michael Damm, installation artist and contributor to the exhibition, in conversation with Stephanie Snyder.
Shawn Records, photographer and contributor to the exhibition, quizzed publicly by Matthew Stadler.
Anna Oxygen, Radio Sloan, Sarah Dougher, Bob Kendrick, Jen Agosta, Sarah Gottesdiener, and Jen Star—lively minds performing live music everywhere.
Zwischenspiel Puppet performance.
Michael Hebb sucks the air out of the dinner table.
Nicolas Wright brings his homobauen to campus.

Where We Live Now: an annotated reader, featuring the work of Thomas Sieverts, Saskia Sassen, Raymond Williams, Lisa Robertson, Sherman Alexie, Rem Koolhaas, Coll Thrush, Aaron Betsky, Stephanie Snyder, Karl Marx, and many others, available for sale at the party. $20

See you there!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Very Own Tent!

I bought my very own tent today!  The first one I have ever owned! It even matches my backpack, I think:

Monday, September 15, 2008

What's Next, Jenstar?

Hello! Welcome to a new blog by me, Jenstar!

(The photos above are by the Magical Sarah Wilmer. You must check out her site and all her dark, otherworldly, beautiful and enchanting images. Thank you Sarah for shooting me, it was/is such an honor!)

So here we are, a fresh blog, just in time for documenting upcoming adventures, as well as current tumultuous changes!

A Brief Update:
1) I bought my plane ticket to Hawaii yesterday! ***Nov 1, 08 - May 1, 09***
2) I have a "Band" Name: Jenstar And Her Aura.
3) I am house-sitting at various locations throughout pdx until my departure, along with staying with Gina, and possibly other friends
4)My 'stuff' is stored in my dear friend, Sarah G's Basement (thanks so much darling!)

More later!