Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lunch Break

oh my i cannot believe over 2 months have passed and i really haven't updated, posted a picture, nothin. 

ironically, though the blog is about 'what's next', i have been working this past month on letting go of the future. no more pondering, daydreaming, visioning of what's next. no plotting, planning, or to-listing of what i will do next. no checking flights and airfare prices, no contacting schools and networking to people in places i am thinking of going next. 

no next, just now.

now is on maui. now is working on the goat farm 5 days a week. now is multi-tasking 10 hours a day worth of cheesemaking and goat related tasks. now is going on a run, swimming in the ocean at sundown, doing pushups on my lunch break. now is breathing and doing affirmations. now is finding a way to be comfortable and grounded in the present moment. 

now it's time to get back to work! 

(more thoughts to come as i recommit to the blog experience...)