Thursday, December 4, 2008


There were an infinite number of things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, for example:
1) Sunny, bright blue 80 degree skies
2) Topless sunbathing poolside
3) Swimming!
4) Making a delicious turkey (with a lil help from my friends, thanks kelsey!) 
5) Eating so much incredible food!
6) Hale Akua friends and fam!
and so much more!!!

Here is Ian carving the turkey, with Thomas leering in the background 
(note the rays of sun hitting the turkey, like a gift from the Gods):
Kelsey and I diggin in!
The Feast!
 (there are two more tables not in the picture with turkey and other traditional delights on one plus a whole table reserved for desserts!)
Chef gets dibs on a Leg!
(which upon biting into and realizing it was dark meat, chef returned it to the platter, whoops)
Look at all this food!!!

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