Friday, November 28, 2008

Grace Garden

Stay Tuned for NEW Photos of Life on The Land

i took photos with thomas's camera today, and will get to upload some later tonight i!

-itinerary for the weekend-

-paid work doing some house cleaning on the property, check!
-make desserts and spend time with everybody later on to celebrate kelsey's bday
-obtain and secure warm clothing for camping in the crater this weekend!

-departure for camp adventures: 7 am!
-hike in and all over the Hale Akala Crater
-camp out!

-not sure what, but most likely the following: more hiking + trip to lava beach + little beach dance party? 
-final tea time/food making with everybody before Thomas, Rose, David and Jenny leave Monday morning forever!

the blog will be full of documented magic after such a weekend!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Back...Almost

I have a "new" keyboard and am back online!

I still have a broken camera though, so I will just try to steal photos from others, like this one of me and Rose dancing at the drum circle at Little Beach this last Sunday night:
I danced till it was dark, and as the fire dancers lit up the night, i kept right on dancing (with a short break of swimming in the ocean and body surfing-the water is so warm and glorious!)...amazing.
Below is another stolen photo, a moment with Thomas in the garden (was that really last week?) 
Note: I am not looking very tan yet, but my back is...only my back seems to be reaping the sun benefits right now...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

until i muster the energy to spend more than 5 minutes on the computer, please check out a blog that will show you the farm i work at and all the wonderful people that i work with:

my electronics are breaking down, from my keyboard issues to my dig cam having focus problems, so i am just going to go with it and take a break from technology. what better place to do it than here!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Julia ButterFly Hill!

A Proper Post to come, my 's' key isn't working and it is frustrating me, and this post deserves quality time and intentional writing...lets just say you know you are in a special place when julia butterfly hill shows up to get some r and r...

She graciously joined 15 or more of us in the yoga room thursday night to have a converation of question and answer about her experience(s). she alo joined us for dinner after!
long story short: life changing encounter!

back row: havaya (max), me, julia!, thomas, rose, ian
front: mary claire, jessica, matt

Where I Sleep

I now live at Hale Akua Garden Farm!
I live in community amongt 12 other Wwoofer's, not to mention all the staff. A wonderful team of people that are now my new dear friends!

This is where I live and share space with the glorious Mary Claire (photos to come!):
This is the part of the view from my backyard:
The other part of the view, when water is flowing, a waterfall can be seen!

Nov 2, Day 2 in Hawaii


hanauma bay

view from plane en route to maui: honolulu, waikiki, and hanauma bay

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I made it to Honolulu.
It is all so surreal, and a good nights rest will hopefully be the key to me finding the present moment...

Points of Interest Thus Far:
1) Never have I been on a flight where collectively everyone was pretty much in a good mood. The anticipation and excitement of 'hawaii' reverberated throughout the flight...
2) I talked with an older gentleman during the shuttle ride from airport to hostel about God. He was telling me about Jesus and the Bible but not in an aggressive way that triggered my defenses, but in such a way I could listen with interest and understanding. I felt able to translate his ideas into my own perspective and beliefs, and feel somehow connected to him though I know he might not be able to relate to my take on God and my spirituality...
3) Also on this ride, I saw 3 rainbows! 

Now I will put on my swim suit and head down to the beach even though its already dark out, i have to touch the water, even if its only a quick swim! 

Swimming in tropical waters? A MUST!