Friday, January 2, 2009


The rains have been torrential all over maui these past couple weeks, but we have found solace on the west side more than once. Xmas was no exception, as Chris, Matt, Jess, Kelsey & Billy and me ventured west for some holiday snorkel action!
Xmas on Maui, Carols on the Beach
(me, Jess, Kelsey)
It was my first time snorkeling, and Chris (see below) was a stellar guide.  We swam with turtles! Have I mentioned that magic abounds on Maui? 
(next on my list is to swim with the dolphins! and we are going on a group campout trip to Lanai next weekend to make this dream a reality!)
Matt, Chris & the Ginger Harvest
A couple weeks ago we dug up 2 big beds of Ginger that had been planted about a year ago. What a gift to dig up something that has been growing for so long, it was like digging up buried treasure! 
Never have I seen more beautiful ginger, it is a buttery lemon color when you grate it, and sooo strong and potent!

Farmer's note:
Ginger has to be planted in trenches dug 2 feet deep as the roots grow skywards, neat huh? 

Jess with Ginger Antlers

Avo Abounds Here at Hale Akua!
You know you are in paradise when you can walk out your back door and reach up with your fruit picker for one of dozens of plump, delicious avocados.  If you're lucky you will find one on the ground already ripe, boom!

The Pool
I wish I had a picture of the new hot tub, but this will do for now.  We live in ridiculous luxury, hot tubbing in our fancy hot tub, sweating it out in the sauna, and following it all up with a plunge in the pool for 'dolphin activation'. 

Two words: Clothing Optional! Freedom!

Still lovin' the Hale Akua lifestyle, it just keeps evolving and presenting me with more and more magical experiences and incredible opportunities for growth, change and transformation. 

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