Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keyboard Love

Today I asked Brendan if he knew where I could go play a piano somewhere, and behold a keyboard was produced for me to jam on in the meantime. The meantime being this evening since I am off to my new home tomorrow morning...alas.

Here is the keyboard snuggled up to the rest of my lil setup:


"the nomads" said...

Intern @ Surfing Goat? Word sista! I hope you are making enough to survive... not too hard on Maui I guess. Thanks for the shout out running buddy! I look forward to seeing you... more to come on our front soon! We are going to write a mad long blog entry some time soon. I am committing myself to doing it in the next couple of days... I know I can... word. Lotsa love!

Nick T said...

thats a pretty sweet setup